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Issaquah Sedation Dentistry

Meet Issaquah Cosmetic Dentists Dr. Ajay Dhankhar, DDS and Dr. Rehan Bashar, DDS

We believe in making our patient their own therapist; we take pride in helping them achieve and maintain a stable oral environment.

Our goal is to make sure you and your entire family receives the finest dental care. We continuously enhance our knowledge and skills; closely follow technological innovations and incorporate the newest techniques into our practice, use sophisticated equipment, exquisite materials and elite laboratories to provide you with all the latest advances that modern dentistry has to offer by blending the best in art and science.

We involve patients in treatment decisions in a meaningful way, with due consideration being given to the patient's needs, desires and abilities. We are passionate about listening carefully to each patient and offering the best options that suit them. We provide pros and cons of acceptable treatment options, which safeguard their health. This helps them make the most informed decision about their oral health. We love building long lasting relationships, making us the best choice for you and your family. more...

Meet the Doctors of Issaquah Valley Dental Care Services

Issaquah Valley Dental Care Services

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